An exceptional environment


Snow and snowfields


Trails can be covered with a considerable amount of snow even early in the season. Beware of slipping hazards - if possible, bypass snowfields if they have even a minor slope and bring the proper equipment: crampons, ice-axe, telescoping poles, snow leggings.

Another snow-related risk concerns difficulties getting oriented: heavy snowcover can hide trail markings and make it difficult to find reference points and landmarks, especially during bad weather. Use a compass and a map or even a GPS.

Caution - following the tracks of other hikers can lead you even farther off the trail!

Keep in mind that waterways can be covered by snow bridges that may collapse under the weight of one or more excursionists, so be careful whenever hiking near rivers, streams and gulleys where water could meet up with snowfields. When a snow bridge has to be crossed, a safety line is recommended.