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Comfortable, strong and safe: boots for the TMB


Hiking boots are probably the most important piece of excursionist equipment. The right footwear lets you to taste the full pleasure of the outing, whereas the wrong boot can ruin what could otherwise have been a wonderful experience.

Start out with the models specifically designed for trekking, with a well-articulated sole, shock-absorbing intersole that is still rigid enough to keep you from experiencing the full harshness of the terrain. The upper shoe should be strong and reinforced in the heavy-use zones (especially the toe, but also the heel), allowing a natural bending motion and hugging the foot without squeezing it. An internal hydrorepellant and breathable membrane (e.g., GoreTex®, DryTex®, WindTex®...) can be especially helpful for keeping the foot dry and minimizing blistering and redness.

Footwear that is high enough to cover the ankle is recommended for better support and protection from possible sprains; lower shoes can still be used, though they are ill-advised in the presence of snow.