The Tour of Mont-Blanc

General conditions

19 June 2020

Conditions June 19th 2020 »

Here is an update of the TMB conditions for the different sectors:Swiss:Information Fenetre d'Arpette variant: on the Champex side is still a bit snowy and tricky to pass! You need very good experience. We recommend doing the normal route (Bovine).Col ...

16 June 2020

Conditions June 16th 2020 »

Focus on the Italian side: a quick update to inform you that the bridge over the Arminaz stream (between the Bertone and Bonatti huts) has now been positioned. However, be careful when crossing waterways which can sometimes cause problems due to the amount ...

9 June 2020

Conditions June 9th 2020 »

The conditions of the trails are gradually improving. However, many snowfields still hinder the normal route of the TMB, above 2,100 - 2,200 meters. The cols are still difficult to reach and the numerous snowy sections do not yet have a reliable trace. ...

19 March 2020

Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) »

Dear hikers, For the moment, we cannot predict whether the Tour du Mont-Blanc will be able to be carried out normally during the summer of 2020. We assume that the situation will soon improve and that everything will be fine for the coming summer. We therefore ...

7 October 2019

Conditions October 7th 2019 »

The second week of October opens with a first weak autumn snowfall that has reached the mid-mountain (lower limit at around 2,000 meters in the Upper Valley) whitening the landscape. Let's see in detail the weather evolution.The high pressure on the Middle ...

2 October 2019

Conditions October 2nd 2019 »

End-season conditions rather variable at the meteorological level. Today, the sky will be very cloudy with fugitive clearings and sunshine close to 20%. Small showers will be frequent until mid-afternoon with a rain-snow limit around 2200 m (about 10 cm ...

26 September 2019


No dangers fot the TMB route: the risk doesn't affect the Tour du Mont Blanc

23 September 2019

Conditions September 23rd 2019 »

The equinox is today (to be precise at 09:50 italian/french time); then officially begins the astronomical autumn, the season that will last until December 22. From the meteorological point of view, a tiny layer of snow has whitened the mountains this ...

14 September 2019

Conditions September 14th 2019 »

Ideal weather thanks to the Azores anticyclone which, although gradually weakening, will favor stable and mostly sunny conditions, characterized by mild mountain temperatures and some thermal inversion in the valleys.We recall that some Refuge are in the ...

6 September 2019

Conditions September 6th 2019 »

News from the meteorological point of view: a vast trough favors the current marked cloudiness on our region with some precipitation, especially in the low valley. From tomorrow clearings are expected in progressive extension, accompanied also by some ...

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