The Espace Mont-Blanc

General conditions

8 August 2021

Restrictions MTB Courmayeur (Italy) »

Starting from July 14th and until 30/10/21 it is forbidden to circulate by bicycle (including MTM and EBike) along the following paths (as per attached plan):Col Sapin / Tete tronche / Bertone Refuge (TMB - high balcony)Leichy / Bertone Refuge / Val Sapin ...

8 July 2021

Conditions July 8th 2021 »

The conditions of the trails around Mont Blanc are generally good and only a few snow fields still persist on the northern slopes at the highest altitudes. The bad weather of the last few days should leave room for a nice improvement from tomorrow (Friday) ...

28 June 2021

Conditions June 28th 2021 »

The conditions of the TMB are always constantly improving. The route still has some sections on snow but the main track is well marked and wide. However, it is advisable not to venture outside of this and to pay attention to the snow bridges, especially ...

25 June 2021

Conditions June 25th 2021 »

The conditions of the TMB trails are changing rapidly. The summer temperatures melt the snowfields and the passage of many hikers makes the tracks on the snow well marked and rather reliable. As for the weather, two beautiful sunny days await us: this ...

24 June 2021

Conditions June 24th 2021 »

The Casermetta Espace Mont-Blanc at Col de La Seigne (Val Veny - Courmayeur, Italy), was inaugurated on Monday 21 June. This information and exhibition space for all the hikers who walk the Tour du Mont-Blanc, every summer welcomes over 10,000 visitors ...

18 June 2021

Conditions June 18th 2021 »

Mild and pleasant weather in early June. The warmer temperatures of recent days are gradually melting the snowfields, making the snow more passable. To date, there are already some hikers who walk the TMB and in the coming days the first accompanied groups ...

15 June 2021

Conditions June 15th 2021 »

The high temperatures of these days (isotherms up to around 4,000 meters) are rapidly transforming the landscape of our valleys. The snow is rapidly melting and retreating to higher altitudes. However, many snowfields still hinder the normal route of the ...

17 May 2021

News Summer 2021 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) »

See you soon on the Tour du Mont-Blanc !

8 August 2020

Conditions August 8th 2020 »

PLANPINCIEUX GLACIER - INSTRUCTIONS FOR HIKERS OF THE TMBWe inform you that following the ordinance n ° 3799/20 of the Municipality of Courmayeur, relating to the updating and measures envisaged for glaciological criticality of the Planpincieux Glacier, ...

23 June 2020

Conditions June 23th 2020 »

Weather situation: a large area of high pressure favors stable and hot weather over our region. However, a depression with associated cooler air causes a slight increase in the afternoon instability on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday and partly also ...

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