The Tour of Mont-Blanc


Everything you will need for a safe excursion


While organizing your trip, be sure to equip yourself with the proper emergency supplies:
  • First aid kit: disinfectant, bandages, scissors, sterile tarp, absorbant cotton, bandaids (classic and for blisters), disinfectant wipes, absorbant gauze bandages, protective gloves
  • Thermal tarp: insulated cover (usually made of aluminum) for protecting the injured and as a cover, if needed
  • Medicine: several pain-relief, fever-reducing and anti-inflammatory pills, ointment for scrapes, anti-histamines (for allergies), mineral salts, diarrhea medicine, insect bite cream, ointment for treating burns
  • Whistle: essential tool for attracting the attention of rescuers and finding each other when separated