Die Tour du Mont-Blanc

My "by myself" TMB

Donnerstag 01 August 2013 Federica Villa

Anwesenheit von Schneefeldern:

"Are you really touring all by yourself?!". This is the question I was most frequently asked during my TMB, which I started in Courmayeur on August 1st and finished in Courmayeur on August 11st. Yes, I did tour Mont Blanc alone, and thank myself for deciding to actually do it, overwhelming fears and doubts. It was an incredibile experience, maybe just because I lived it alone.Day after day, valley after valley, kilometer after kilometer, I've met lots of people, talked, known other cultures and life styles, but I've also known myself better, my strength and my weaknesses, my fears and my potential, my hopes and desires. Obviously the tour itself is challenging, nature and mountains are great and on always "on sight", but I would call it more a human than a mountain or sport experience. That's why I think I cried when I saw one of the very last indications: after 170 kms, Courmayeur was at only 15 min of walking just on the other bank of the river. I suddenly felt and saw again every meter of those 170kms, I almost saw all my route around the stunning "massif du mont blanc". I found myself crying and said "buongiorno" to a man walking with his dog before entering in the city as a proud and "alone but not lonely" "randonneur".
Challenge with myself, inner and outer exploration, beautiful places and people, laughters and tears: that's what was TMB to me.

Road to Refuge Des Mottets, near Col de La Seigne
Road to Courmayeur, day 11
Wanderer Tagebuch