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dimanche 12 mai 2013 peter stock

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While this website has been a godsend, our TMB planning has been a slow and frustrating process so far. And we (two relative novices hikers) are still 2 months away from our July 2013 TMB

We are starting in Les Houches (and are fortunate to have friends living in Chamonix with whom we can stay before and after)

We alas don't have the 10-11 days a complete TMB requires. We are obliged to do a trimmed down version of 5-6 nights.

Maybe someone here can help.

Apparently there are some sections that can be cut short via bus or rail transfer. Where are those sections? If one had to trim off parts of the walk, are there any that could be sacrificed?

Otherwise, since we are travelling in July I am very anxious about reserving accommodation in advance.
None of the guide books or this site suggest what to do if you arrive at the end of an Etape and find there are no beds free. What does one do?

And if we reserve in advance, how can we be reasonably sure that our progress will match the overnight stops we have reserved.

Again, this site is the best we've found and a wonderful tool, but I still find the process of plotting an itinerary daunting. (And yes, I imagine some might say we should just hand ourselves over to an experienced tour company, but I am a DIY kind of traveller.)


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