Le Mont Blanc


mercredi 05 septembre 2012 Ashley & Susan Mills

Conditions génerales:
Très bonnes
Présence de névés:
Un peu

Our TMB experience was wonderful. Each day was challenging but tremendously rewarding. We walked at the end of the season and found accommodation on arrival at each destination easily. We did book our first night in Courmayeur, where we began our TMB, and our second night at Rifugio Bonatti. We found all accommodation welcoming and comfortable and everyone most helpful. On just a few occasions we found sign posting confusing and contradictory to our guide book, Cicerone Guide by Kev Reynolds, "Tour of Mont Blanc Complete Two-way Trekking Guide". We can well recommend this guide book. However, most often the trail was easy to follow. We consider this an awesome and wonderful experience of a lifetime and may well do it again!
I AM TRYING TO SOURCE A RAISED RELIEF MAP OF THE TOUR MONT BLANC - if anyone can direct me? I did see one in a shop window (unfortunately the shop was closed) and I presumed it would be easy enough to find again but, alas, I did not. Can you please let me know if you are aware of where i could get one? I have sourced a raised relief map through Omnimaps but is quite large and about 180 U.K. pounds....

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